We moved to Toulouse to take our final exam, and we took it at eight in the morning on Friday and then we had a city tour at two on the same day. Toulouse is pretty cool, and pretty big. I think it’s like second or third in population in France or something like that. We did get to meet a few of the students at the school we were staying at but we didn’t get to hang out with any of them very much. There’s a basilica in Toulouse that’s named after Saint Sernin who was killed by the romans by being attached to a bull that was then let loose into the city. Pretty interesting. 

There was also this clock that had all 24 hours on it and we didn’t know how to read it. You probably can’t see it very well here.

On Friday afternoon my friend Ethan Worch who is on a study abroad trip in Germany flew in to hang out with us for the weekend. He stayed in my room on the floor with some blankets as a mat. On Saturday we got up early and took a bus to the Airbus museum here in Toulouse. It was kinda neat; they had all sorts of planes set up in this hanger for us to explore and look at.

Then they also took us into the factory area where they make the planes. That was much cooler but we couldn’t take pictures. 

After we got back to the dorms we took Ethan into the city to see some of the stuff the tour guide lady showed us on Friday. We went back to the basilica and told him the story and we also went to this art museum that was very neat.

France has like a country-wide music festival on the first day of summer (June 21) every year, and that Saturday night they were having some small concerts like to get the whole thing started I guess, and we went to one of those that was on the river. It was a band from Madagascar I think and the music was pretty weird. Mostly a back beat with a lot of dancing and not much singing. 

Then the next day I woke up pretty early with Ethan and we went into the city and saw the gardens that were there and checked out a market place that was really just a large outdoor thrift store in tents. I dropped him off at the tram station to go back to the airport and then I met up with my other friends for lunch. 

Patrick stuck his foot in the cafe where the people who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand supposedly planned the assassination at some point. I don’t know there’s not that much to say about Toulouse.

When we got back from our free time in Venice and Rome we flew back in on the Monday of my birthday and I did laundry and then some of us went to mcdonalds for my birthday dinner and then we played in a splash pad (because my friend Kathleen and I have said that we have to jump in a fountain in every city that we stay in) and we saw Wonder Woman in the theater (in English with French subtitles!) and then we were out so late that the metro closed down so we had to walk for an hour back to the campus. Pretty good birthday. My friends drake and Jaycie told me happy birthday at least fifty times each. Anyway. I’m gonna do Rome and Venice soon and those should be a lot more interesting/structured haha.


One thought on “Toulouse

  1. Sounds like a great, brief stay in Toulouse. BTW, in a lot of places public transportation decreases at a certain time. Glad you found your way back to campus! Love you!


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